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JCB are the chosen suppliers for our clean up equipment. Either deployed on beaches or used on river estuaries JCB has a long proven performance record, reliable, robust plus spare parts available locally.

Road Vehicles

Rugged terrains, across Country and on beaches, in and out rivers. Had to be the Ford Ranger.........


Tetra Drones are a leading UK developer of bespoke UAV systems. Designing systems to operate in the most demanding of environments, from wet and windy to dry and dusty the drones will take vital footage of the estuaries that gets converted to data footage including measurements and various readings.
Tetra Drones


Shallow water multibeam and side scan. This helps with the engineering study and provides further valuable data for our estuary data collection.

Scientific Equipment

Testing water samples onsite and transmitting data back to the office for our estuary data collection. Any hazardous or toxic findings get reported to the local office for further investigation.

Catchment Barriers

As the impact studies are completed and the engineering drawings are sent back to the office they then get approved and “signed off” ready for manufacture and delivery to the installation crews.
Mare Clean

Extraction & Beach Patrol

The extraction vessels are a purposely designed landing craft with a shallow draft for minimal disruption at the estuaries, but can also carry, and “Land”, heavy equipment on to beaches as they pass. This will help with beach cleanup campaigns. (Like a local dustbin lorry the vessels patrols the coastlines extracting the captured waste).

Recycling & Treatment

Fortunately, or unfortunately as this case may be, the waste currently found drifting in rivers, other than the odd dead sheep, has been found to be recyclable or at least can be processed. The initial concept of reducing size for on-board storage soon found to be profitable as heavy plastic (a pop bottle crates) can be granulated. “Green waste”, floating wood, weeds, seaweed etc, can be processed into biomass fuel pellets whilst “other” plastic's (through a process called pyrolysis) can be turned into fuel. The waste found could run the extraction vessels. Basic sorting and processing equipment will be installed onto each off the extraction vessels.

Sundry Equipment

The sundry equipment; from a “rib” for research & pre-extraction visual checks to the equipment the dive team needs along with safety equipment and all the tools, is an ever growing list.....each being equally important as the next.


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