157 Countries on
6 Continents

The Extraction Action Alliance has been formed to finally combat the ever growing ocean & beach waste issues all over the globe, as this is a worldwide issue which concerns everyone and our future.

Too much time and money has been spent just talking about the problems and issues when what is needed is “Extraction Action”.
Governments, organisations, companies, societies and individuals who support Extraction Action are getting involved……..

We cannot, indeed must not, allow this situation to continue... I do fervently pray that you will all do your utmost to work together in the coming year to make real, substantial progress.

It could not be more critical that you succeed.

There’s enough plastic in
the ocean to circle the
Earth 400 times.

The solutions are simple

  1. Stop any more waste from keep entering the oceans.
  2. Go and collect what waste is floating or washing up on beaches, before it sinks.

Every company who has ever produced a single piece of packaging will be asked to help, support and promote the effort.

All it takes to resolve these issues are time, money and people.



We are running short of time, but there is enough money and people on the planet to help.

With the massive amount of campaigns, organisations and people who are currently volunteering to help, The Extraction Action Alliance is planning to GIVE them the support, money and equipment necessary to work together and complete this initiative.

  • All the various efforts currently being made need supporting and scaling up.
  • New initiatives need implementing in areas with very little or where NO action is being taken.
  • Every estuary that enters the ocean needs a waste catchment barrier system and extraction method.

Approximately one truckload of plastic enters the ocean every single minute.


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