Research Comes FIRST!

Marine & Wildlife is Paramount to us all.

A visual inspection of what is being extracted has to take place to ensure NO life forms are endangered.

Prior to the installation, whilst the engineering team visit to survey for barrier installation, advice and data capture will be taken on points for installation for both maximum waste capture, but also ensuring at ALL times the marine environment is kept intact and the inhabitants remain safe (or relocated).

Data Capture;
Widths, depths, tidal speeds, types of waste and a complex bed mapping process which will ALL be constantly updated and monitored.
(This will provide an “early warning system” for any climate change occurrences whilst monitoring the outcomes of single use plastic initiatives and other land based waste programs).

When extracting, only human intervention can provide the visual safety life needs……..


Marine & Wildlife is Paramount to us all.

Plant life

Every estuary is a complex ecosystem that has taken years and years to form, the integrity of both marine and plant life has to be considered and assessed, (everything is a home for something). This is why you need specialists on the ground (or in the water as the case may be) !

Marine Life

Whats waste and whats living, can you tell?There are so many indigenous species around the World from inquisitive otters in the UK to alligators in Africa ! “We” have already invaded and polluted their World’s, we now have to respect EVERY species.

Bird Life

At different times of year, in different parts of the World, the rivers come alive with hatchling's.

New to the environment they rely heavily on “Mum & Dad” for guidance but also scare easily !

Wild Life

Everything in the river has a right to live and breed. Trained staff monitoring the extraction process will be fully trained and equipped to deal with indigenes species of all kinds.

Insect Life

Rivers are teeming with life, but most of these organisms cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they play an equally important role in a complex system from zooplankton to a butterfly, it is a whole system to be preserved and monitored.


Working with LOCAL groups, we will establish correct times when the rivers MUST be left alone. The waste can still be captured and held, but NOT extracted.

Data Capture & Planning

Marine & Wildlife is Paramount to us all.


Widths, depths, flow speeds GPS points to monitor estuary changes


Taking vital readings and samples that will be tested in our labs.

Drone footage

Not only can the drones take samples, they can video the estuary and the footage is converted into data

Bed Mapping

For engineering purposes and changing river conditions through erosion, the bed mapping will give us a digital global database

Dive Teams

Divers in the water assisting the engineering team can also search for sunken waste, photograph and take video footage.


Only after rigorous due diligence has been completed and the correct advice has been taken will the catchment barrier installation plans be implemented and the timed extraction process prepared.


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