TEAA’s Mission is to stem the flow of waste entering the world’s oceans from estuaries globally by helping Members States, who signed and further ratified, the Laws of The Sea Convention by finally becoming compliant with what they signed up to do 35 years ago.

TEAA has a “Turn Key solution” to install and operate what is necessary for ANY country to become compliant and meet their obligations.

TEAA has a directive to “report” to the United Nations any country that declines the offer for compliance assistance.

Complete the early stage “expression of interest application” to find out how TEAA can help YOUR country become compliant.

  • Research of the estuaties
  • Impact study
  • Engineering study
  • Installation of cachement barriers
  • Supply of extraction vessel
  • Supply of heavy plant & machinery
  • Supply of sorting, separating, processing & recycling equipment
  • Supply staff
  • Office
  • Office staff
  • Supply and train the 10 man operational team.
  • Entry onto International estuary database with continuous updated data


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